Image by mmi9 from Pixabay Why is this so scary? I'm just a blank screen waiting to be filled with what I'm sure will be your greatest post yet - read and shared by millions. Yep. I'm just a blank screen. I sit here, patiently and innocently waiting, not judging you in the slightest. Despite … Continue reading Blank


Ten Reasons I’m Breaking from Blogging

It's been a while.  My lack of posts reflects how I'm feeling about blogging at the moment - uninspired...unmotivated...uninterested.  Every week I think, "I really need to post something, anything, just to keep going,"  but, alas, here my blog sits...empty, ignored, sad and alone (cue wind noises and the lone tumbling tumbleweed). Rather than battle my motivation or just … Continue reading Ten Reasons I’m Breaking from Blogging