I Don’t Get Hobbies

I’m not trying to be a hater, but I just don’t get hobbies. Specifically, I don’t understand how some people maintain such incredible commitment to an activity which typically doesn’t result in an immediate, tangible pay off –  the pay off is often the mere act of doing the thing itself.  (I think I just confused myself, oh well, moving on.) This is by no means an indictment of those people; it is more a criticism of my own “glass is half empty” thinking and overall tendency towards impatience.

I would love to find a hobby that might provide a brief respite from my frequently noisy brain.  In fact, it is a suggestion I have heard repeatedly throughout my life from both family members and medical professionals.  The problem, however, isn’t finding the hobby, the problem is remaining committed.

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Let’s Talk About Failure

Time for another poorly produced video post! You’re welcome! And to put you into an even more festive mood, this post is about failure!

In addition to feeling quite uninspired, part of the reason I hadn’t written anything in a while was because I recently attempted a new business venture.  Crazy, right? Unfortunately, it turns out this new venture was not the best fit for me.  So, despite sinking time, energy, and a few funds into this venture (how many times can I say that word??), it ended before it really had a chance to begin.

At first, I felt guilty about this failure because it was a result of my not thinking things through or taking into consideration my own personality traits – traits that, had I listened to my gut, would have meant this business was obviously a poor fit for me. Since then; however, I have decided to view this failure as a lesson learned or, more accurately, as a reminder that while it is okay, even necessary, to push ourselves at times, I believe we need to be careful not to push ourselves so far out of our comfort zone that we do more harm than good.  I believe it is okay to accept that sometimes certain personality traits mean that there are some activities, careers, hobbies, etc. that just won’t work for us.  I don’t think there’s any shame in accepting that.

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