Mental Health Minute: How Can I Exercise when I Can’t Get Out of Bed??

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health or medical professional.  Please do not discontinue any medical/prescription/counseling program you are currently following.  This post is for information only.  Please click the links below for more information on my personal experiences with depression.

Depression and exercise.  These are two words often used in conjunction with one another, typically by those who have very little first-hand experience with depression but who still feel compelled to share their well-meaning advice. Continue reading

A Do One Thing Printable

A Do One Thing Printable

calendar 004I thought it was time I shared a deeply personal, earth-shattering confession:  I have a major obsession with office supplies and an even bigger obsession with planners in particular.  I love planners and calendars; the problem is I also find many of them quite overwhelming.  So many sections!  So many accessories! So many choices! Erin Condren, Kate Spade, the Happy Planner, Lilly Pulitzer, academic planners, mom planners, family calendars, etc., etc., etc.  I really can’t keep up! Yet, I can’t stay away either.

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