Christians – What a Bunch of Idiots (Part I)

I’ve heard it many times from many people - coworkers, friends, relatives, even celebrities on television - “Christians, what a bunch of idiots.” “People actually BELIEVE this stuff??” “Yeah, I believe in Jesus, I believe he was a groovy guy and a great teacher, but the Son of God? C’mon.” “Christianity?  You’d have to be … Continue reading Christians – What a Bunch of Idiots (Part I)


Struggling with Church Attendance

Yesterday was Sunday - another Sunday that came and went without us attending any church service.  Every week my husband and I insist we will get to church come hell or high water (perhaps a poor choice of words here), yet when Sunday rolls around, there we sit at home like two immovable, unmotivated objects. It is quite apparent … Continue reading Struggling with Church Attendance