Breaking Up with YouTube (Sort of)

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.  
1 Timothy 6:7

Concealers that reveal every line and crow’s foot (feet?).

Lipsticks that make my teeth look yellow rather than pearly white.

Face powder that makes me sparkle but not in that “cool” Edward Cullen way.

Skin care that irritates rather than soothes.

Hair care products that don’t work.

Make up brushes I don’t use.

“Healthy” snack foods that taste like tree bark.

T-shirts that don’t survive one round in the washing machine.

Calendars I don’t need.

“Luxurious” underwear that leaves very little covered but does provide wedgies of truly epic proportions.  Read More

A Do One Thing Printable

calendar 004I thought it was time I shared a deeply personal, earth-shattering confession:  I have a major obsession with office supplies and an even bigger obsession with planners in particular.  I love planners and calendars; the problem is I also find many of them quite overwhelming.  So many sections!  So many accessories! So many choices! Erin Condren, Kate Spade, the Happy Planner, Lilly Pulitzer, academic planners, mom planners, family calendars, etc., etc., etc.  I really can’t keep up! Yet, I can’t stay away either.

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source unkown

source unknown

I’ll be honest.  I’m not really sure where this post is heading.  It was inspired by yet another “this pu**y is off to march” photo that showed up on one of my social media feeds. It, along with Hillary Clinton’s presidential run and the rash of feminist spewing in response to Trump’s election, has caused me to reconsider my thoughts on feminism and what it means to me.  Sharing those thoughts in some kind of succinct and organized “personal manifesto” is proving a somewhat difficult task.  So, join me if you will, as we jump on the stream of consciousness train and see if I can make some sense of these contemplations. Read More