A Quick Word about Grandparents

During a recent visit to Barnes and Noble, I came across a book titled Tell Me Your Story, Grandma. As you may expect, this book was filled with questions relating to all areas of Grandma's life and included blank spaces for her responses and any photographs she may be willing to "donate."  If you made your way through this book, … Continue reading A Quick Word about Grandparents


Guilt in the Cesspool

Yesterday, I had planned to write something light-hearted just to prove I’m not always a negative Nelly; however, another quick perusal of world headlines quashed any light-heartedness I may have felt.  Horrific executions in the Middle East; ineffective politicians squabbling amongst themselves; people freezing to death; mass shootings; animals starving; planes and trains crashing; and, sprinkled amongst … Continue reading Guilt in the Cesspool