Happy New Year!

Many thanks to those of you who took time out of your day to click, read, browse, like, comment (or perhaps roll your eyes, scoff, and scowl) at anything I wrote in 2017.  I do appreciate it (perhaps not the scoffing or scowling so much…)! I hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the new year and all you can accomplish. I am reorganizing the blog and should be finished  by January 10th, if not sooner.  Please drop in again for new musings, video posts, and for the launch of my very basic (basic) and simple planner pages store.  I wish you a safe, peaceful, and healthy 2018!

(In the meantime, here’s a bleak winter photo to enjoy.  I like to call it “hungry bird contemplates.” It has nothing to do with anything in this post.)

3 Ways Clumsy People Make Your World Better

bananaInspiration is proving a fickle friend, or, perhaps,  I’m expecting too much from this friendship. After a desperate rummage through the old brain pan for this week’s post, I was left with nothing, staring at the blank screen with absolutely no ideas in sight. Unfortunately, I seem to be starting more and more blog posts this way, but, I don’t want to “throw in the towel” just yet.  Instead, I must constantly remind myself that there will be days when I do not feel particularly passionate about the post I write; the important thing is to keep on writing.

When inspiration takes a vacation, I try to focus on lighter topics that I can discuss with a certain level of expertise.  Such topics are few and far between as I am not an expert in anything particularly useful.  However, if you’d like information on social awkwardness, useless 1980’s pop and movie trivia, how to avoid your neighbors, and the joys of “hermitting,” I’m your girl.  Today, I am concentrating on one other topic with which I am painfully (literally) familiar – clumsiness.  (I know, it took forever, but we finally got there!) Continue reading

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