Life Unedited: Using Up All the Things!

Welcome, brave traveler, to my snippets of life unedited!

As you will guess from the title, this page is dedicated to unedited and, hopefully, very short video posts.  I plan to use these videos to share my thoughts on issues that may not require an entire blog post OR that may be addressed in an upcoming, but not-yet-written, blog post.

I am uploading these clips “as is” because, well, that’s how life is…it’s “as is.” We don’t usually get the opportunity to  edit our words so that we sound effortlessly eloquent or faff with our surroundings until they’re just perfect.  Videos don’t always have to be about presenting images of unattainable perfection framed by fairy lights and candles.

So, here I am – me, “as is.” Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of unflattering angles, mixed up words, bad lighting, and cats…I can promise you lots of cats ; however, if I feel moved enough to pick up the camera in the first place, I hope it is the sentiment that comes through and not my videography skills (or lack thereof).

I do thank you for taking the time to visit today! Pleasant journey!


Using Up All the Shelf Stock

The first item to be used up in my attempt to use up ALL THE THINGS!

I hope you had a great Monday! (I suggest Dramamine prior to this video…)



I'm all ears...or eyes I guess??

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