A Daily Planner Printable



As I mentioned in the Do One Thing Printable post linked below, at the end of 2017 I decided to create my own planner pages in hopes of simplifying the planning process for myself.

I have always loved planners and calendars of all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately, I have also found many of them overwhelming.  Most would end up living in my desk drawer, unused, a vacant reminder of yet more money wasted. It was a vicious cycle that needed to stop.

Reigning in a planner addic problem, is not easy these days given that there is a whole “planning community” online. Countless blog posts, Etsy stores, and YouTube videos are available for the planner lover in all of us.  I do strongly advise that you journey into this territory with caution though.  It’s a rabbit hole that runs deep and can be difficult to climb out of once you tumble into it.

The attached printable is a very basic daily planning page with a simple black and white floral design.  You may print it as needed or every day if you are so inclined.

Before you download, let me reiterate – this is a very simple design.  It was inspired by my desire to keep my planning straightforward. You will find many more polished, graphically pleasing and inexpensive options on Etsy if you are interested.

I have bumped into some technical difficulties setting up my online store, and, at this point, I’m uncertain if that will ever launch.  Still, the pages are done.  I’d love to see someone get some use out of them even if it means offering them for free at this point. (If you select photo/borderless print, the design should print to the edge.)

Please feel free to share this download and post with your friends and family.  Perhaps we can reign in the planner mania a bit by keeping it simple and uncomplicated.  It’s not very helpful to any of us if the very act of planning becomes so overwhelming and time-consuming that it interferes with actual productivity!

Daily Planner – Black and White Option-HV

A Do One Thing Printable

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