Flu, flu go away…and stay away.

Once again, big plans made…big plans interrupted.  This time, however, I was not derailed by an onslaught of negative self-speak or the shadows of depression. No, sir/ma’am. I was pushing through, trying my best to ignore the “you’ll never be able tos” and focusing on the tasks at hand.  It was going quite well, by my standards, until the flu brought everything to a screeching halt.  Fever…headache…stuffy nose…zero energy…achy body, all the villains came out to play, and I had to put everything on hold.

Thankfully, I got off easy.  In case you haven’t heard, this flu season is nasty and it is not playing around.  Despite rarely leaving my house and washing my hands as soon as I get home, the flu still found me.  But, again, thankfully I am on the mend and quite happy to be left only with a sore, flaky nose and a lingering lack of energy.

Apart from the obvious dangers of this flu strain, the other concerning issue is the number of people who continue to show up for work either because they are forced to do so or because they have bought into the “I’ll just push through it” school of thought.  Not only are these attitudes unwise, they are proving downright deadly for some.

I understand that sick days are a luxury in many situations, but people are dying here.  It’s time for businesses, including retailers, to take notice of the human cost of this “you show up to work no matter what” mindset. This is the time for businesses to concern themselves with the well-being of their employees and those customers who, often unknowingly, come into contact with employees forced to work while battling the flu.  Surely it’s better to endure a little inconvenience now rather than lose employees, customers, or clients altogether…on a more permanent basis?

If you are battling the flu, you have my sympathy.  I hope you are able to take the time to heal properly and I wish you a speedy recovery.

I'm all ears...or eyes I guess??

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