A Little Bit of Fun – Cat Does My Voice Over

Happy Sunday evenin’ to you! Well, I just can’t stay away from making the videos! I needed a bit of a break from the serious stuff, so I’m sharing this little collaboration between me and my cat Oliver.

The “Boyfriend Does my Voice Over” tag is currently making its way around You Tube but, since my new videos focus mainly on our life with cats, I thought I’d see if Oliver would help out! After much cajoling and promises of extra Fancy Feast, he finally agreed to take some time out of his busy sleeping schedule and participate.

So, here is Oliver attempting to make sense of his human spending a looong time slapping various lotions and potions on her skin and, after all that effort, still looking exactly the same!

Please excuse the bad lighting again. I’m still figuring it out. (Yeah, THAT’S why I look so haggard and saggy…)

Special thanks to my stepson, Robert, for helping Oliver find his voice 🙂

I'm all ears...or eyes I guess??

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