This Is Not the Post I Was Looking For


Please excuse the informality of this post. I just need to get something uploaded so the past four days of my life don’t seem like a total waste. Grrrrr.

This is not the post I intended to upload as my first blog entry of 2017.  Originally, I planned to write a follow-up to my previous post about the 2016 presidential election – just another little blurb from my inconsequential, non-expert point of view. Indeed, I did write that post, for four days I wrote, and at the end of four days I was left with over 1,000 words of diddly squat. Initially, I was determined to work through the roadblocks and finish the thing strictly on principle alone, but this morning I finally admitted defeat and let it go. (I just had to stop and think whether or not I needed to place quotations around that phrase – thanks a lot Frozen.)

When a post is this difficult to pull together, I know I’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and not-so-fun-or-happy-times are ahead. It leads to re-examining what I was planning to post, my motivation for posting it in the first place, and a plethora of other questions.  Is the post cohesive and clear?  Is it a true reflection of my beliefs? Is it respectful?  How will I feel once I’ve posted it? Is it useful in some way or will it be just another piece of negative garbage added to the ether? I am under no delusion that my words are profound or earth-shattering on the best of days, still, I do not want them to read like they were crafted by a chimp mindlessly pounding away at a keyboard.

After writing over 1000 words, my post-election blurb was still all over the place, and I had managed to avoid settling on a final point or conclusion. I veered off on so many tangents I may have sustained a slight case of editing whiplash. I began to wonder whether or not it was really worth all this trouble.  Would one more post in which an anonymous Jane Doe laments the behavior of candidates and citizens post-election really matter at this point? Does the internet really need me to point out what a piss-poor state this country is in at the moment? Do I need to reiterate how etiquette, respect, and dignity have given way to slander, mob behavior, and rioting in the streets when things don’t go your way?

I also had to deal with the awkward elephant in the room:  I would need to disclose who I voted for.  Although it wouldn’t take much figuring out after reading the first few paragraphs of my post, I felt it needed to be stated in order to prevent any misunderstandings.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed by my choice, but I found myself hesitant to share this information.  You see, I didn’t realize that with my vote I would acquire so many enviable new monikers.  I wish I had been prepared so that I could return the favor.  I feel just awful receiving such priceless gifts from people who don’t even know me without reciprocating in some way.  I mean, to be categorized as an uneducated, bigoted, white supremacist almost overnight, that’s quite an achievement.  I wasn’t prepared for such a responsibility. I’m simply not sure I can live up to those expectations.

After four days of wrestling with tone, wording, conclusion, blah, blah, blah,  I decided it was best not to force the issue.  I did not want to come across as hostile (ahem) towards those engaging in ludicrous behavior or spewing venom because they are not happy with the election results.  There’s enough divisiveness and contention in the air, I don’t want to add to it. Continuing to stir the pot, arguing instead of discussing, or insulting instead of listening, does nothing but keep conflict brewing and tempers rising. When there is no dialogue or discussion there is no hope for understanding, cooperation, respect and, least of all, TOLERANCE. I guess that’s about the one and only point I remember really wanting to get across.

(P.S. – I voted for Trump.  You may commence with the stone throwing.)



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