Depression Chat – A Video

I don’t normally post videos to this site because, as you can see, I do not have the equipment to produce crisp, professional looking videos. Nonetheless, I thought I’d take a chance and post this depression chat video in hopes that someone may find it helpful or may even have their own suggestions/experiences to share.

I filmed this video in June just as I was climbing out of the other side of a small depressive “episode” (I don’t know what else to call them).  I wanted to share some further thoughts about depression while they were still on fresh on my mind after experiencing this latest trip down the well.

As a reminder, I am not a professional. I am not a counselor. I am not a scientist. I am just a person who continues to struggle with depression, who understands despair, and who wants to share some tips I’ve learned along the way.

(NOTE: If you are under the care of a physician or counselor, always continue to follow their prescribed treatment plan.)

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